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Steve Balser | Culture Event Marketing Manager – Red Bull North America

“I have vowed to only do business with Maximumedia. Believe the hype.”
As an executive coordinator of a wide variety of entertainment events in the San Antonio, TX region, I have relied heavily on the creative direction & expertise of Noah Mattern & Maximumedia Design for almost a decade now. They have created well over 100 unique, next level marketing tools (flyers, posters, shirt & online promotional tool designs) that have helped to continually grow the attendance of our events, while continually outdoing the expectations of our variety of brand partners. Being that I work hand in hand with many world class brands such as Red Bull, Toyota & Scion, Dos Equis, etc. I have to be prepared to bring world class designs to support our collective endeavors & for that reason alone, I continue to come back to Maximumedia. With our ever increasing client base & subsequent workload, I have also utilized other creative design resources in the past to cover the demand. Based on those experiences, I have vowed to only do business with Noah & his group. Believe the hype.