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Maximumedia Designs CityBus Safety Campaign in Conjunction with Purdue


So reads the latest marketing hashtag from Maximumedia Design Studios. We were tasked to illustrate a series of dinosaur characters in order to provide an informative and fun way for casual pedestrians to better take notice of potentially dangerous behaviors as part of a CityBus Safety Campaign in conjunction with Purdue University. Working with Citybus, we chose to solve this by presenting dinosaurs as models of extinction – their behavior playing a key part in that. The three characters decided upon would best illustrate the most common dangerous behaviors of [college-aged] pedestrians. They were:


1. Distractosaurus Text
We’re sure you’ve seen this fella out there, little hands frantically batting at a mobile device – he has his face buried in the latest social media. Checking his Facebook status no doubt and completely unaware of oncoming traffic…let alone that he forgot to put on a pair of pants!


2. Wrongwaycyclosaurus
This kid just can’t seem to obey bicycle laws, thinking that he owns the road. He goes the wrong way down one way streets, rides on the sidewalk and doesn’t feel the need to obey traffic lights or signs. Of course, he has to have his tunes…otherwise, he might hear the folks shouting at him from their vehicles!


3. Intoxodrivosaurus
This gal loves to party! And a designated driver isn’t on her agenda. What she fails to understand is that there is more at stake than a little fun around town. All too often we hear about tragedies that involve intoxicated drivers, but this girl doesn’t hear a thing above the din of the in-crowd as she fails to heed traffic laws because she has been drinking. Whether she is walking or driving, she is at risk.


This project was a great deal of fun and required us to consider some of the most common pedestrian behaviors that can put them into harms way as well as drive the local bus driver crazy. So, the next time you decide that texting in traffic, biking the wrong way or having a few drinks and walking or driving home is a good idea, just remember #DontGoDino and do what it takes to be safe.




Mass Transit Magazine – IN: CityBus Launches “Don’t Go the Way of the Dinosaur” Safety Campaign

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Best Design, 2013

huxley-glassesWelcome to 2014!

It has been an incredible year for Maximumedia in so many ways. As a marketing and design firm, we have seen trends come and go; new ideas formed, dissolved, reformed and capitalized on. In many ways, it has been a year of lessons learned – like so many years past. But this year was different.

We have designed websites, print, audiovisual and multimedia and in all cases the call to social networking has been omnipresent (If you haven’t learned how hashtags work, you probably should). #Redundant?

We have taken every opportunity to educate and instruct. Many clients got it, some simply refused, but we have been there every step of the process. In a lot of ways, our approach to “instructing” marketing has been similar to rearing a child. Which leads me to my next and most important topic.

I would like to welcome Huxley Harlow Mattern to the world. This has indeed been the most incredible aspect of my life, let alone running a media company. She is the achievement of whom I am most proud. Okay. Okay. I won’t linger because you didn’t come here to read about babies…but I am going to make this metaphor work! So, back to my message for 2014. #NiceSegue

As with a child, I have found it important to keep a few things in mind when nurturing a marketing campaign:

1. “Don’t drop the baby.”

It goes without saying that dropping a baby is bad. The same can be said for marketing. A good platform is essential to measuring your success. If you have held a baby, you can understand what a daunting task it can be; except this is your business. Be careful how you deploy your marketing. Changing perceptions of sales and language can leave you empty-handed with your newborn campaign floundering on the office room floor, or much worse the trash.

2. “Learn your baby.”

Without analytics in place, you have essentially left your child out in the elements without the proper clothing. Make sure you provide your campaign with the best possible chance of survival/success by educating yourself on how it has been received. See who is getting it and who isn’t. Study metrics and work to understand how your baby is doing in the world. Education is, after all, an ongoing process. Don’t blow a great looking and well thought out campaign by letting the numbers slip away after your creation goes forth. Harness metrics and learn where your successes truly lie and where your shortcomings have become evident.

3. “Feed the baby.”

It has become a distinctive fact that the single best thing you can do in terms of marketing is to provide the appropriate content. As they say “content is king.” Good marketing begins with a proper knowledge of not only your market, but it’s diet. Solid foods are only good for a particular segment. Rearing your baby on smaller tidbits in the same way you attract your audience with a strong call to action will pay off in the long run when she is able to digest more complex messages and ideas, ensuring you success. A healthy baby is a happy baby.

Okay, so this is probably one of the weirder metaphors we have used, but it is one worth repeating. After all, it is a changing world and taking the time to be a good parent is at least a decent path to follow in all things we do: child rearing, marketing, car maintenance and beyond! So, we hope you have a great 2014 and that you too experience your best design this year!

Now, where did that burp rag go? #ByeNow!

Video Design

Ease of Use? Interesting shapes or colors? Innovative layout? Sharp, crisp graphics or photos? Original feel?

Providing a combination of style and movement, Maximumedia aims at unifying look and feel with that subtle exciting force which can only be described as innovation, providing the utmost design experience for you and your customers. But how does this translate into any meaning for you as a business?

Without a consistent brand image, your customers attitude can only reflect their own personal ideas and beliefs. Without a consistent brand image, you are left to the whim of a customers own image of what you and your company stand for. Without a brand identity, you are a name without a face.

And identity isn’t only about your name and logo, font choice and placement, your business mentality or mission, it is also how you innovate thought, how you capture your audience with subtle ideas and design strategies.