J. Noah Mattern

Maximumedia differentiates itself from other design firms. Perhaps that is why it’s brands are consistently in the news, on the television and the topic of conversation. These brands include notables such as Nike, HBO and National Geographic.

Maximumedia’s successful campaigns are due in a large part to the talent of it’s founder, art director and brand designer, J. Noah Mattern. What Mattern does with design is part of a fresh approach to the way in which we understand marketing. Without equal parts form and function, that balance of art and engineering; brands do not work. He will tell you his talent is “problem solving.” It has as much to do with style as it does with shovel work. In this respect, Mattern is a tireless laborer. By consolidating efficient design solutions with hard-hitting looks, he has capitalized on the award-winning and signature “Maximumedia Design.”