Colleen Lease | Owner – Sample House Hair Design Studio of Downtown, LLC

“I really love my new website!!!”
My business The Sample House Hair Design Studio of Downtown, LLC has an online booking system that needed a nice website to work with it. All of our clients really like how modern the website and user-friendly it is. Noah is very knowledgeable and creative with his media design. He is so good at intuitively designing exactly what the site needs to function and to be attractive. He is always open to suggestions and ideas – I loved having my input taken seriously and used to design the website. I love the ease of use being able to work on my website and how Noah patiently took the time to teach me how it works. I highly recommend using Maximumedia Design!

Chris Johnson | Owner/Brewer – People’s Brewing Company

“Like I handcraft brew my beers, Maximumedia handcrafts my business identity.”
Maximumedia creates great original work for our company, using our ideals to create wonderful visual media and marketing. I give them a focus or idea and they produce graphics that are eye catching and relative to what we are trying to relay to our customers.

Chris Voglund | President – Artisan Electric, LLC

“My Midas Men!”
Noah and his team were hired by us to do a full SEO set up, establish a new company blog, and help us put together social media integration / web marketing programs for Artisan Electric.  They came in under budget and were easy to work with.  Maximumedia provided us an exceptional value, tangible results, and fresh approach that I simply could not get anywhere else – that is the bottom line.  As a result of my experience  I have referred them to several of my clients and plan to use them again for future projects.