Zach Cook | Producer – Anything Wild

“Maximumedia is where it’s at!”
As the owner of a business in an industry (outdoor entertainment) that can at times be one-dimensional, it has been fantastic dealing with a company outside of that dimension. That being said, Noah and his staff have been able to take our brand image in a direction that is still very recognizable as an outdoor brand while giving us something very much our own in the field. As a company that exists because of creative minds, we have very specific ideas as to the direction of all aspects of the brand image. Translating these ideas to Noah and his staff has been entirely effortless and the results have been better than where we started. In the more than 4 year existence of Anything Wild, we have been through dozens of designers. I can say with certainty that the search for “our” design house is over.

Steve Balser | Culture Event Marketing Manager – Red Bull North America

“I have vowed to only do business with Maximumedia. Believe the hype.”
As an executive coordinator of a wide variety of entertainment events in the San Antonio, TX region, I have relied heavily on the creative direction & expertise of Noah Mattern & Maximumedia Design for almost a decade now. They have created well over 100 unique, next level marketing tools (flyers, posters, shirt & online promotional tool designs) that have helped to continually grow the attendance of our events, while continually outdoing the expectations of our variety of brand partners. Being that I work hand in hand with many world class brands such as Red Bull, Toyota & Scion, Dos Equis, etc. I have to be prepared to bring world class designs to support our collective endeavors & for that reason alone, I continue to come back to Maximumedia. With our ever increasing client base & subsequent workload, I have also utilized other creative design resources in the past to cover the demand. Based on those experiences, I have vowed to only do business with Noah & his group. Believe the hype.

Paul Baldwin | Head Prankster – The Black Sparrow

“Without Maximumedia Design I’d still be pounding my grubby fists on this keyboard like a monkey.”